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The Role of Creative Photography to Level Up Your Brand

In a recent opportunity to help a leading e-commerce store level up its brand through visual communication, creative photography played a significant role in the process. 

Working alongside the creative marketing manager, we defined the mood, feeling, and photography style. It was essential to incorporate visual styles from their current branding manual for consistency, particularly the color palette. 

Product Photography for Dollar Days International. Phoenix, Arizona. SINGULARBOLD

The goal was to create a unique set of hero images that were colorful and playful to engage their audience but, most importantly, to create brand recognition. Playing with color, textures, and some props, we created a variety of sets that communicates the defined style. 

For each hero image, we not only created a visual concept that was appealing to the consumer. We feature the products in a way the consumer can get the right perspective to appreciate the quality and characteristics of the products. 

Product Photography for Dollar Days International. Phoenix, Arizona. SINGULARBOLD.
Product Photography for Dollar Days International. Phoenix, Arizona. SINGULARBOLD.

While making sure each hero image followed the desired style and mood, we also focused on showcasing the logo as many times as possible for brand positioning and recognition. Every product was positioned in a direction where the logo was visible and pleasing to the eye. 

These logo interactions can be consumed without feeling invasive, creating brand positioning, recognition, and relationship. Plus, adding visual creativity to the formula, creative photography makes an excellent communication tool that can uniquely position your brand and increment the relationship with current and prospective customers.

If you manage a brand or a company that is in need of leveling up its visual content, please contact us. We’d love to talk to you!

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