Omar Rodríguez Villa, Art Director. SINGULARBOLD


My name is Omar Rodríguez Villa, and I am a Mexican Art Director #chingadole in the U.S.—based in Phoenix, Arizona. I work under the name of SINGULARBOLD and specialize in helping brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs achieve their marketing goals through art direction, motion & video, and still-life photography.

I am dedicated to creating unique and impactful visual content, utilizing both analog and digital design techniques. My aim is to craft designs that not only capture the attention of audiences but also leave a lasting impression.

My goal is to produce work that is truly singular and bold, pushing the boundaries of creative expression to make meaningful impacts.

Let ‘s work together!


Honored to Collaborate With:

BigBox School Supplies
Bonorand Corporative
DollarDays Int.

Forward Shoes and Backpacks
Karas Pen Co.
Novle Agency
Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation