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Communicating Your Core Values in The New Norm

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Carlos Velasco, a community leader and the founder of Novle, a community activation firm in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In one of our first conversations, Carlos shared with me the impact of community activation to position a brand and the influence of a community leader. A community leader’s role in brand positioning, particularly in a cross-cultural market, is a critical factor in connecting brands with communities. The loyalty, trust, and support leaders get from their communities, and vice versa are powerful interactions that can benefit brands with their positioning within the leader’s community. 

These interactions were possible before the COVID-19 pandemic, which you may already know. Now with the new norm, businesses are pivoting their tactics to engage and connect with their customers/communities in different ways, mainly in the digital space. As the market evolves in the new norm, companies are taking a digital-first approach for their communication strategies, making video one of their primary communications tools during the pandemic. 

Video Engages, Inspires, and Triggers Conversations

The benefit of video is that it is very close to an in-person interaction. You can get a feeling of the person or company. The tone of voice and body language creates an instant connection with the viewer. It’s proved that video engages, inspires, and triggers conversations, which increase brand awareness and positioning.

While we are switching to a new norm of social distancing and less human interactions, use video to assimilate these interactions. Not only use video as an entertainment tool, but also to connect, share your values, and have meaningful conversations. 

In a collaboration between Novle and SINGULARBOLD. a video promotion was produced to help Novle communicate their core values, connect with their virtual community, and position their brand in the digital space. Check out the video below to learn more about Novle, and DM to discuss your next video production to connect with your virtual communities.

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