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Small Business Owners: Enhance your Social Media Content With Free High-Quality Photography

As a small business owner, I understand there are priorities when allocating monthly or quarterly budgets and probably one area you think last to invest in is creativity. In this particular case, photography. There are so many great reasons to invest in branded photography, but if your budget is helping you to grow other areas of your business now, that’s great; the primary goal is to solidify the production structure of your business, right?

A stable production structure should help you increase your income and budget; therefore, investing in other areas, such as creative photography, can be possible. But for the time being, if you are allocating your budget to other areas, you can still have some good high-quality photography that can help you enhance your social media content. And the best part, they are commercially free to use. 

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Content is King

Video Content is King And Will Remain in The Throne

Since I can remember, I have been exposed to video content most of my time on this planet. Probably not as the type of video content we are experiencing today on the internet, but in some form, that is for sure. 

In the old days, television was the leader in video content, and in some way, it was a centralized market where a few companies controlled what we watched. Not many options compared to what we have today, especially with many independent video content creators. 

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Taco Tuesday

The Marketing Power of Stop-Motion Animation

Digital Platforms and Attention Span. With all the social media, entertainment, and publishing platforms, today’s digital ecosystem has influenced how we consume content on the internet. Our attention span and the way we read have changed; according to J. Booth (2020), our attention span narrowed from 12 seconds to 8 seconds because of the abundance of published content on the internet. The decrease of consumer attention has changed the game for marketers and marketing, challenging them to find exciting and creative ways to get consumer attention. 

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Pop Drinks, colored aluminium bottles

Visual Content And The Position it Plays in Your Communication Strategy

You have probably heard the term visual content many times by now, I’m sure; it has been part of marketers’ strategy since 2014 or probably early than that. With the boom of social media & digital publishing platforms, visual content has become a must for any business or brand. How is this relevant to your communication strategy? Let’s start by defining what visual content is.

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Group of people virtually meeting through zoom.

Include The Human Element in Your Digital Interactions

In this pandemic, many aspects of our work, business, and social interactions are moving to the digital space, and probably part of it will stay as part of the new norm. As we experience this new transition into the digital space or new norm, it is essential to remember to include the human element in our digital interactions.

You probably have seen a lot of companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs doing Zoom meetings, online workshops, virtual parties, and even happy hours. These interactions are great; most of the digital events I have attended have done a decent job making the digital interaction a welcoming and warm experience.

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