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Creative Thinking Is Important For Every Business: Promote It, Embrace It.

In the last two years, our society has experienced many changes that have forced us to pivot our human behaviors in many aspects. We have adapted and learned to function and navigate new environments in many ways: such shifts require us to be creative and have a problem-solving attitude, and it has been such a beautiful experience to see how exercising creativity is helping us to make the best of this transitions we are having, which made me think about the implementation of creativity in every business. 

As much as I like to romanticize that creativity is only a practice within the creative industry, in reality, that’s not the case. Every business has its unique creative process and way of exercising it. We tend to think about creativity as making art only. When, in fact, creativity is the thinking process of generating new and unique ideas. New ideas that can help us improve our workflow, customer services, product quality, sales, etc., and not particularly the artistic side of the business. For example, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you may be challenging a communication problem that could be solved through visual communication using artistic techniques to make your message more appealing and easy to digest in the form of a poster. This artistic element is a part of the creative process only. 

As per the previous example, there are many challenges that you may be facing at the moment, and using creative thinking can help you find a solution or at least a route on where to start. Creativity and inspiration are out there, and it is more accessible than at any time in human history probably. Feel free to use the internet as a reference to ignite your creativity and find a solution to your problem. There is nothing wrong with mimicking your competition or other businesses; they may have solved a problem you are currently experiencing. Check all their content online: website, social media, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, or promotional videos. You could find content that will inspire your creativity toward solving your problem.  

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Promote creativity within your team and involve them in the creative thinking process. The people doing the actual work who are hands-on with your operations can have great ideas or concepts to solve a problem you may have in the production area. Having a different point of view from your team can help you expand yours and help you see a solution more clearly. Explore several ideas with your team; the more, the better, but a limit is a must. Think about creating a bash of 5 ideas and explore all its possibilities to solve your problem. If nothing becomes clear, generate another five, and so on. This will help you engage and collaborate with your team on another level. 

Considering that you do not have a team, create a support network within your community to share ideas and learn from others. If networking is not your thing, check out some business-related channels on There is a lot of great conversation to ignite your creativity, and many users are willing to share ideas and advice if you ask. If you are currently experiencing a problem that you need to solve, think creatively, expand your imagination, and talk to your team, partners, or virtual community. Chances are that you will get different perspectives that will help you get your creative gears moving. 

As a business owner or entrepreneur, it is essential that you make creative thinking part of your workflow and problem-solving process. Take the word ‘creativity’ by its core meaning which is ‘the thinking process of generating new and unique ideas.’


I’m an Art Director in Phoenix, Arizona, interested in collaborating with brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs to promote their services and products through visual communication, video, and photography. Lets talk!

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