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Photofolio is a collection of visuals created as self-promotional projects to explore different image compositions, materials, lighting, and set designs. The final images were used as a lead generation on my social media platforms to target possible prospects.

The images were visualized as a hero visual for a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Karas Pen Co.

Karas Pen Co.

Stop motion animation for Karas Pen Co. in collaboration with in-house content creator. Animations were used on social media channels to promote the conversion kit for rollerballs pens and the color scheme variation for the improved Retrakt V2 pen.

Read my article about the marketing power of stop motion to learn how we can help your company and brand create content that engage and create a meaningful connection with your target audience.

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is a short stop motion animation to promote and celebrate earth day. Project was made as self-promotional work to make a contribution on my social media platforms to the awareness of climate change and global warming.

Props and earth were hand modeled using clay and foam materials.

Luxury CBD

CBD Oils

CBD oil images were created as a self-promotional piece to initiate conversations with potential brands in the dispensary market. The images were created to showcase CBD oils uniquely and creatively to tell a visual story for different target markets.

The image-making process was to create the set designs using different props, objects, and materials to give each image its unique characteristics and visual environment.

The concepts were visualized as a hero image for a multi-channel advertising campaign.

Taco Tuesday Stop Motion

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is a stop-motion animation created mainly for social media promotion and as a digital ad. The animation showcases the composition of a taco plate in a playful and entertaining way. The food elements were animated in a lineal and dynamic method to make the animation more eye-catching and engaging.

Unfortunately, the client was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the project was never released, but here is a taste of it. Check out Get Ready to Hike, a self-promotional stop-motion animation that I had a lot of fun making!