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The Marketing Power of Stop-Motion Animation

Digital Platforms and Attention Span. With all the social media, entertainment, and publishing platforms, today’s digital ecosystem has influenced how we consume content on the internet. Our attention span and the way we read have changed; according to J. Booth (2020), our attention span narrowed from 12 seconds to 8 seconds because of the abundance of published content on the internet. The decrease of consumer attention has changed the game for marketers and marketing, challenging them to find exciting and creative ways to get consumer attention. 

Creative Stop-Motion Content to Make a Different. In today’s social media’s saturated market, the consumer has shown an interest in motion imagery such as video, animation, and stop-motion. This communication technique is useful for delivering a message in a short time. It allows creatives and marketers to create content that engages in short term. Statistics show that the Instagram conversion rate of motion content is 72% of 75% of users take action when interacting with this type of content. (T. Stancheva , 2020). That’s a tremendous conversion rate for only one platform. Think about the results a brand can get from a cross-media approach. 

The singularity of stop-motion is its production process, which is mostly analog. 

Now, Fewer Numbers, More to The Creative Side. How can stop-motion help a brand reach those percentages, you may ask? The benefit of stop-motion is simple; it’s all about creativity and showcasing a brand in its purest form. The singularity of stop-motion is its production process, which is mostly analog. It adds a tangible feeling that evokes emotions and triggers a human connection with the viewer—creating a positive image of the brand in the viewer’s mind, turning them into possible prospects.

The use of props for set design and the frame by frame animation creates an organic and playful look that make the stop-motion video unique and compelling. With all these characteristics, stop-motion can enhance your brand.

Cross-Media Approach With Stop-Motion. A stop-motion video is a creative asset that can be incorporated into any multi-channel marketing campaign. The final rendering format makes it a versatile video file that can be adjustable for any digital advertising platform offering many promotional possibilities for marketers.

For some companies and individuals, stop-motion is a thing of the past, particularly considering its hand-craft approach. But using creativity and innovation, stop-motion can deliver a modern and dynamic result creating a memorable image of your brand. 



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