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Omar Rodriguez Villa

Voyager Phoenix: Meet Omar Rodriguez Villa of SINGULARBOLD.

Interview published by Voyager Phoenix on October 9, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Omar Rodríguez Villa.

Omar, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
SINGULARBOLD. started in 2015 as a pseudo name I used to publish personal design projects I was creating outside of my regular design job. My intention was to experiment with new design techniques and tools in order to learn and explore new design concepts. I published the results of my experiments on my website and social media. After a year of doing personal work, I began to take on commercial work for local businesses in Tucson, AZ, where I was living at that time. I decided to develop the name SINGULARBOLD. into my personal brand, which I use to do commercial design work and collaborations with other designers.

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Visual Content And The Position it Plays in Your Communication Strategy

You have probably heard the term visual content many times by now, I’m sure; it has been part of marketers’ strategy since 2014 or probably early than that. With the boom of social media & digital publishing platforms, visual content has become a must for any business or brand. How is this relevant to your communication strategy? Let’s start by defining what visual content is.

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Include The Human Element in Your Digital Interactions

In this pandemic, many aspects of our work, business, and social interactions are moving to the digital space, and probably part of it will stay as part of the new norm. As we experience this new transition into the digital space or new norm, it is essential to remember to include the human element in our digital interactions.

You probably have seen a lot of companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs doing Zoom meetings, online workshops, virtual parties, and even happy hours. These interactions are great; most of the digital events I have attended have done a decent job making the digital interaction a welcoming and warm experience.

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Communicating Your Core Values in The New Norm

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Carlos Velasco, a community leader and the founder of Novle, a community activation firm in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In one of our first conversations, Carlos shared with me the impact of community activation to position a brand and the influence of a community leader. A community leader’s role in brand positioning, particularly in a cross-cultural market, is a critical factor in connecting brands with communities. The loyalty, trust, and support leaders get from their communities, and vice versa are powerful interactions that can benefit brands with their positioning within the leader’s community. 

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The Role of Creative Photography to Level Up Your Brand

In a recent opportunity to help a leading e-commerce store level up its brand through visual communication, creative photography played a significant role in the process. 

Working alongside the creative marketing manager, we defined the mood, feeling, and photography style. It was essential to incorporate visual styles from their current branding manual for consistency, particularly the color palette. 

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