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Visual Content And The Position it Plays in Your Communication Strategy

You have probably heard the term visual content many times by now, I’m sure; it has been part of marketers’ strategy since 2014 or probably early than that. With the boom of social media & digital publishing platforms, visual content has become a must for any business or brand. How is this relevant to your communication strategy? Let’s start by defining what visual content is.

What’s Visual Content?

It is primarily an image-based digital piece created to inform, educate, entertain, or share value to a targeted audience. The content consists of branded posts, infographics, photography, online videos, animations, ebooks, or memes. Its main goal is to engage and communicate to a predefined target audience to create brand awareness, engagement, positioning, and loyalty.

Considering that people retain 65% of the information containing images, there is no question about visual content’s vital role in a saturated market. Visual content helps you communicate information to your audience in a way that is easy to consume, comprehend and retain—making your brand and business memorable. 


One of the most common pieces of content that brands, businesses, and marketers use for their content strategy. Branded photography shows the face of your company, its style, and its values. I recommended creating your own photography and stay away from stock services—you may run into seeing the same photographs used by your competition, and you do not want that for sure. 


The best piece of content to entertain, educate and inform your customers is video. There are many formats with a great ROI, such as infomercials, branded videos, how-to videos, product reviews, customer testimonials, and many more.


Adding motion to your content can make it more attractive to your customers to consume. Animation can make your content playful and fun, which can be shared and add traffic to your website or increment your brand position. 


The beauty of infographics is that it compiles information in a form that is easy to digest, particularly when it comes to complex data or information. Mixing visual imagery, charts, and text makes infographics the perfect static informational content piece.


Sharing your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject can help you position your business or brand as the expert in the market. Ebooks are a great piece of content to increase your audience’s trust and loyalty. 


Adding a little humor to your brand can’t hurt. Use memes to show the funny side of your business or brand. Just make sure not to get too funny and offend somebody. Make it more about your brand or services. 

Do you have a visual content strategy? Let’s talk I can help you plan, create and execute your strategy!

I’m an Art Director located in Phoenix, Arizona interested in helping brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs doing art direction, motion/video, and still-life photography to promote their services and products.

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